"When peanuts just aren't enough..."
    Mozzarella Sticks Battered and deep fried to a golden brown, served with marinara sauce (6) $5.65
    Chicken Bites A hefty portion of spicy, tasty, bite size morsels ready for dipping. Served with Ranch Dressing. $6.59
    Jalapeño Poppers Deep fried jalapeño peppers stuffed with cheddar cheese. Awesome! (6) $5.65
    Breaded Mushrooms Breaded, fried, delicious and served hot and tasty (15). $5.85
    Crawfish Pies Wake up your palate with these spicy appetizing appetizer. Delicious finger sized pies. (5) $5.95
    Sampler A potpourri of our best appetizers. Two each of the Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeno Poppers, and Crawfish Pies. $5.85
    Spinach and Artichoke Dip Spinach and artichoke and melted cheese all blended up into a scrumptious dip. Served with a hardy helping of chips. $5.99
Baskets & Burgers
    Chicken Strip Basket A half pound of juicy chicken strips fried to a golden brown with french fries. $6.99
    Shrimp Basket A hardy portion of Golden Brown Shrimp served with french fries. $8.99
    Catfish Basket Crispy fried catfish nugget served with french fries. $6.99
    Brewsters Burger Dinner $6.99 10 ounces of fresh ground sirloin that we have molded into the burger of your dreams, then charbroiled into a succulent masterpiece and placed on a toasted French bread bun with a hearty helping of shredded cheddar cheese. With lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on the side. Baked Potato or Fries or Dinner Salad.
    Baby Burger Dinner $5.34 This is a quarter pound version of your dream burger. We serve it up on a toasted bun, dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on the side. Baked Potato or Fries or Dinner Salad.
From the Garden
Our fresh salads make great appetizers or can be a meal by themselves. Enjoy!.
Dressings: Bleu Cheese, 1000 Isle, Buttermilk ranch, French, Honey Mustard, Italian, Lite Italian, Caesar, Oil & Vinegar.
    Dinner Salad A small bed of fresh lettuce topped with tomatoes, diced bell peppers, mushrooms, croutons, and bacon bits. $2.99
    Chef Salad Diced ham, egg, bell peppers, Swiss cheese, tomatoes, mushrooms, croutons, bacon bits and black olives. $7.99
    House Salad A dinner salad on steroids. This baby is large enough for you and a bunch of rabbits. Your choice of iceberg or Romaine lettuce. $5.69
    Hail Caesar Fresh Romaine lettuce, tossed in our delicious Caesar dressing, then lightly sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese. $4.39
    Tuna Salad Our large House Salad, topped with a 6oz grilled Yellow Fin Tuna Filet. $8.99
    Chicken Salad A juicy 8oz grilled chicken breast diced and tossed over our large House Salad. $7.69
    Chicken Caesar Salad We take a juicy charbroiled 8oz chicken breast, dice it up and toss it over a cool crisp bed of Romaine lettuce, mix in our tasty Caesar dressing and then dust this garden of delight with some Parmesan cheese. $7.69
Dinners from our Grille!
All our dinners are served with garlic bread and your choice of a streaming hot baked potato OR french fries OR a dinner salad.
    Filet Mignon The house's best, charbroiled to your satisfaction. A 10oz tender, juicy, delight for your palette. Thick enough to require a wait, unless you would like it butter flied. $21.99
    T-Bone Steak A juicy 16oz meal charbroiled to your taste. $19.99
    New York Strip A tender, juicy, trimmed 12oz charbroiled to your delight. $15.49
    Pork Chop Steaks The other white meat served as 8oz boneless filets, charbroiled to your taste, of course. $8.89
    Charbroiled Chicken An 8oz chicken breast grilled to a golden brown served with our own sauce on the side. $8.59
    Cordon Bleu An 8oz chicken breast covered with grilled ham and topped with melted Swiss cheese. $9.59
    14oz Rib We hope you're hungry. This is almost a pound of grain fed beef charbroiled for you $15.49
  8oz Rib Eye A hardy half-pound of grain fed beef hot off the grill for you. $9.89
    10oz Ground Siloin Charbroiled and topped off with grilled onions with beef gravy. $7.99
    Yellow Fin Tuna A beautiful 6oz filet grilled to your taste and served with a little sauce from our kitchen. $9.99
All are served on a toasted bun of your choice: white, wheat, sourdough, or jalapeño cheddar.
    Brewster Burger $4.49
    Baby Burger $2.99
    Hot Sausage (2 pat) $3.99
    Grilled Ham $4.45
    Ham & Swiss $4.95
    Chicken Breast $5.59
    Cordon Bleu $6.59
    Pork Chops $5.89
    Tuna Filet $6.99
    8oz Rib Eye Steak $7.29
More Goodies!
    French Fries $2.49
    Cheese Fries $3.39
    Baked Potato $3.79
    Sweet Potato Fries $2.99
    Onion Rings $2.69
    Jambalaya $2.59
    Potato Salad $2.69
    Small Chili $2.49
    Garlic Bread $0.85
    Grilled Onions $0.75
    Sauteed Mushrooms $0.75
    Sour Cream $0.50
    Cheese $0.50
    Extra Gravy
    X Chicken Breast $3.99
    To Go $0.30
Thirsty? Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Barqs, Pink Lemonade, Sprite, Sweet Tea, Unsweet Tea: $1.99 (free refills)
Over 30 kinds of beer and any mixed drink you can possibly think of.


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